No Author(s) Report Title Abstract
1 George Tarasov,
Dmitriy Kharitonov,
Evgeniy Golenkov
MPI-program model construction using compositional approach The definition of MPI-program model in terms of Petri nets is considered. The program model is defined as a composition of models of parallel processes of the program and MPI communication environment. A set of Petri nets compositional operations is described to compose a full MPI-program model from its components.
2 Alexey Shumsky,
Xing Wang,
Tao Su,
Lili Ji
Nonlinear Digital Simulation Models of Switched Reluctance Motor Drive The nonlinear simulation models of switched reluctance motor (SRM) drive with the four-phase 8/6 structure double salient reluctance motor, the four-phase asymmetric bridge power converter and the closed-loop rotor speed control strategy implemented by the variable angle pulse width modulation combined control scheme with PI algorithm, are presented based on MATLAB- SIMULINK platform. The simulated results on the rotor speed curves and the phase current waveforms agree with the tested results.
3 Alexey Shumsky,
ShunYao Yang,
Xing Wang
An Three-phase Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System In this paper, module of three-phase grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is established. A variable step-size maximum power point tracking control strategy is proposed. And a control algorithm named double d-q axis phase-locked loop is proposed. Verified by simulation and experiment, proposed MPPT has good stability and respond quickly. Three- phase phase-locked loop is established to make the system realize reactive power compensation and harmonic suppression.
4 Aigerim Yerimbetova,
Feodor Murzin,
Saule Sagnayeva,
Jamalbek Tussupov
Creation of tools and algorithms for assessing the relevance of documents In this paper we present development of new linguistic and algorithmic support of information retrieval technologies in information retrieval systems taking into account syntax and elements of semantics, including for Turkic texts. Namely, the goal is that the developing technologies allow the information retrieval systems to be able to compare them with the revised variants of the proposals, based on the analysis of their syntactic structures.
5 Aigerim Yerimbetova,
Feodor Murzin,
Saule Sagnayeva,
Tatiana Batura etc.
On the generalization of Niraj Kumar summarization algorithm The paper describes the generalization of the summarization algorithm of Niraj Kumar. The method proposed in the article uses the Link Grammar Parser. Our investigations are oriented onto processing news articles, reviews from social networks, etc. We consider the possibility of applying this algorithm to estimate the relevance of posts published in Internet. This approach is useful in solving the problem of determining the source of information dissemination. We consider several languages.
6 Alexander Markhasin Fundamental Physical and Information-Theoretic Limits of Extremaly Green Rural 5G M2M Communication's PHY-MAC The unprecedented requirements and automated functions responsible for the forthcoming Internet of Things, M2M and many industrial machine type IT-systems lead to the breakthrough jump in design extremely intensive and effective technologies for future 5G wireless systems. In this paper, we generalize and develop the results of our researches of the fundamental physical and information-theoretic limits' and extremums'.
7 Ilya Mikhnev,
Natalia Salnikova,
Mikhail Lempert
The Biological Effects of Natural Radionuclides from the Construction Materials on the Population of the Volgograd Region The paper presents the study of the effect of radiation dose due to gamma background from construction materials in the Volgograd region on the exposure of the population and the identification of possible impacts. Methods to protect the population from the effects of natural radionuclides are suggested. Direct studies have established the absorbed dose rate of the Volgograd region inside wooden, brick and concrete buildings in Volgograd region.
8 Nikolay A. Mazov,
Vadim N. Gureyev
Modern challenges in bibliographic metadata identification Precise identification in bibliographic systems is a basic condition to data exchange and carrying out complete and verifiable bibliometric analysis of scholarly output and research capacity of scientific organization or university. Unique accepted and standardized method for identifying journal articles, authors, their affiliations, and other elements of bibliographic metadata are absent despite the high efforts made in that direction.
9 Sergey Zakharov,
Aleksandr Taganov,
Sergey Gusev,
Aleksandr Kolesenkov
The analysis and monitoring of ecological risks on the basis of fuzzy petri nets The paper presents the theoretical analysis of fuzzy production systems of decision support in the frame of geoinformation monitoring ecological risks. There's covered a way of representing some fuzzy production rules in a fuzzy system of the ecological risk analysis and reduction, based on the application of fuzzy Petri nets. There's realized a fuzzy production system of ecological risk analysis on the basis of using modified fuzzy Petri nets.
10 Andrey Vazhdaev,
Tatyana Chernysheva
Research of the economic indicator dependence of small enterprises in the monotown of Yurga on the Russian Federation macroeconomic indicators The purpose of the present work is to research the relationships between the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators of the Russian Federation and the emergence of new small businesses, new economic activities in the existing small businesses and the dynamics of small business economy indicators in the single monotown of Yurga.
11 Sergey Melman,
Valery Bobkov,
Alexey Kudryashov,
Vladimir May
Navigation of the autonomous robot and 3D reconstruction of the objects on the stereo video stream The report is devoted to the problem of navigation of an autonomous robot (AR) on video information in a priori unknown environment and 3D reconstruction of visible objects. The proposed method is based on visual odometry and is aimed at increasing the accuracy of localization of the AR and optimizing calculations. The method of 3D reconstruction of the visible scene and the technique of its visualization are also proposed.
12 Ivan Gritskevich Processing of stream images in real time by method of contrast limited adaptive histogram equalization (CLAHE), effective from the point of view of use of resources VLSI The sequence of frames in real time in its original form may not be good enough quality to display for low-light and thermal noise. In this case, and in some other similar cases is required to improve the image quality in real time .This paper describes the methodology of algorithm implementation of image enhancement for video streaming and its implementation using FPGA.
13 Andrey Zemtsov Distortion assessment of a wavelet-based watermarking method for low frequency subband "In this paper, a watermarked image quality evaluation based on the the discrete wavelet transform is considered. When a distorted version of an image is received, users can extract the hidden data and use them to provide an objective measure of the quality of the distorted image.
14 Svetlana Komkova echnique of preliminary image processing of a retina of an eye for detection of a diabetic retinopathy The aim of the work is the development of a technique for preliminary processing of retinal images, which will subsequently automate the diagnosis of diabetic retinopathy. To achieve this goal, such tasks as the development of algorithms were solved: segmentation, transformation of the original image into a halftone, image filtration, enhancement of contrast, improvement of the boundaries between the background and blood vessels, binarization, contouring, stain marking.
15 Aleena Zyryanova Modelling of nonlinear effects this issue is devoted to difficulties of using transport of multiwave signal
16 Andrey Zemtsov Multi-criteria Analysis for DBMS Selection using Analytical Hierarchy Process "DBMS selection is one of the basic vital decisions in the start-up process, expansion or relocation of businesses of all kinds. Construction of a new web system is a major long-term investment, and in this sense determining the location is critical
17 Andrey Zemtsov A Comparative Study of Color Spaces in Skin Tone based Steganography This paper presents an approach to design of Steganographic systems which exploits the various color spaces is intended to take advantage of human color-response characteristics. And the biometric feature used to implement Steganography is skin tone regions of image that will provide an excellent secure location for data hiding. Firstly skin detection is performed in cover images and then Secret data embedding will be performed in frequency domain.
18 Andrey Zemtsov Performance Evaluation of Full-text search engines "An important component of electronic document management and training systems is considered. In work a full-text search mechanism is analyzed, that allows to implement convenient means of searching for information of interest on the contents of electronic documents.
19 Andrey Zemtsov Approach to Securing Information in Social Networks "This work contributes approach to messaging on social networks by means of data hiding. Given
20 Andrey Zemtsov Medical Image Coding using Le Gall transform Advanced medical imaging technologies such as computed tomography , magnetic resonance imaging and conventional radiography are essential tools to ensure effective health care system. We are focusing on a problem of medical images representation using Le Gall transform. The results of numerical experiments showing the possibility of presented approach for solving medical image processing problems.
21 Oleg Zhizhimov Access to thesauri on the heterogeneous data integration platform ZooSPACE The implementation of access to various thesauri on the ZooSPACE heterogeneous data integration platform is discussed.
22 Anna Korobko Multidimensional design from XML sources for the integral analytical model The topical aim of modern OLAP growing is inventing technology for ad-hoc comprehensive analysis of miscellaneous data from different sources. Multidimensional concepts are considered as a theoretical fundament of the developing technology. According to the authority integral analytical model, essential requirements to a comprehensive multidimensional model are inferred. An original approach to multidimensional design of XML sources is represented in this paper.
23 Антон Кузин,
Константин Нефедев
Взаимовлияние разбавления и магнитного поля в модели спинового льда дальнодействующего характера на решетке пирохлора В данной работе рассмотрим дипольную энергию для этих двух материалов и разберемся, как спин-лед образное поведение может иметь место, не смотря на дальнодействующие дипольные взаимодействия. В работе будут представлены результаты численного исследования и анализ теории среднего поля для систем Изинга на решетке пирохлора.
24 Alexander Kozachok Text Setganography Variants later
25 Andrey Virkunin Mathematical model of SBS Mathematical model of SBS
26 Elena Zamyatina,
Anna Semenovykh,
Georgii Maltcev
Model Drriven approach for computer network simulation This paper discusses the model driven approach for the development of simulation system. Simulation system is dedicated for the investigation of computer networks, more precisely, for software defined networks. MDE(model driven engineering) allows to use not only conceptual model for investigation of computer networks but it's transformation to the another models adjusting to a specific domain. The multi-model approach permit to receive more qualitative results of simulation experiments.
27 Tatiana Liakh The process-oriented method of industrial control algorithms development In the article the method of industrial control algorithms development was put forward. The development of the algorithm is iterative. The method uses virtual laboratory stands for algorithm creation and its verification. Virtual laboratory stand consists of the five components: graphical representation of the automated object, control algorithm module, virtual plant module, scenarios control module and verification module. All modules are described as a hyper-process with the Reflex language.
28 Gennady Kalach,
Egor Mekhovskoy,
Dmitry Solntsev,
Dmitry Rusak
Analysis of MEMS IMU with different operating ranges This article is abous usage of MEMS-based IMUs in different operating modes including overview of possible errors in MEMS systems, and possible ways of overcoming them.
29 Andrey Vazhdaev,
Tatyana Chernysheva
Research of the economic indicator dependence of small enterprises in the monotown of Yurga on the Russian Federation macroeconomic indicators The purpose of the present work is to research the relationships between the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators of the Russian Federation and the emergence of new small businesses, new economic activities in the existing small businesses and the dynamics of small business economy indicators in the single monotown of Yurga.
30 Zaur Medzhidov The comparative analysis of means of protection ISPDn from unauthorized access in this article authors have carried out the comparative analysis of the most widespread means of information protection (SZI) from unauthorized access (NSD) applied to protection of personal information in information systems of personal information. Criteria of comparison are chosen proceeding from characteristics of SZI from NSD. The technique of the comparative analysis of SZI from NSD is developed.
31 Elena Kantarzhi Mathematical modeling of integral criterion to assess the dynamics of the Central visual field of patients with glaucoma Application of mathematical methods to assess the condition of the Central visual field (CVF) allows a more objective analysis of changes under the influence of different medical treatment, and improve the process of diagnosing the functional State of the Visual Analyzer in clinical research. So urgent is the problem of developing criteria effective in analyzing changes state CVF.
32 Valeriy Kanev,
Tatiana Il'ina
Neoclassical approach to objectivization of competency measurement Hybridization of models for various methodological contexts are considered. This enables to improve the objectivization of competency measurement. The results obtained can be applied to building both educational competencies and those required by employers. The peculiarity of the methodology is supposed to be a risk-tolerant method used for improving the objectivity of competency measurement in the unit: teacher- student (expert-testee).
33 Tatyana Gnitetskaya,
Elena Ivanova
Interdisciplinarity in physics and chemistry courses with mobile learning Wireless mobile technologies have caused a tendency to use mobile devices in the learning process. However, delivery mode should be changed. This paper describes a method of uploadable semantic structures for students' personal mobile devices that would ensure interdisciplinarity.
34 Evgeniy Kopytov,
Sergey Lutchenko,
Alexander Lyubchenko,
Igor Bogachkov
Modeling the process of operation of fiber-optic transmission system paper is devoted to the analysis reliability of fiber-optic transmission system
35 Evgeny Kostyuchenko,
Anton Konev,
Alexander Shelupanov,
Alexey Shokarev
Development of an Integrated Informational Educational Environment at the Faculty of Security at Tomsk State University of Control Systems and Radioelectronics Though the application of ready solutions ‘on a turn-key basis' is an effective way of development of electronic informational educational environment, it remains very expensive. In the given paper, the analysis of approaches to the informational educational environment development is carried out. The offered solutions allow meeting the requirements to the organisation of educational process according to educational standards of the fourth generation.
36 Kirill Kuptsov,
Sergey Eremeev
Spatial objects classification algorithm on the basis of topological features of a form The paper presents an algorithm for automatic classification of spatial objects on the basis of information on their form. To solve the task topological characteristics of the object contour are calculated. Topological features are based on methods of computer topology and Betti numbers. A set of features for each contour is compared to existing templates and this object belongs to one of classes. Examples of using the program for automatic typology of buildings in municipal GIS are shown.
37 Dmitry Kruchinin,
Yury Shablya,
Alexander Shelupanov
Personalized distance learning using the Stack system In this paper, we consider aspects of organizing self-learning for students on mathematical disciplines. We describe a scheme for monitoring and evaluating of work of students based on using a specific feedback. That allow us to personalize a distance learning. We demonstrate the advantage of learning systems like the Stack system that is based on computer algebra systems.
38 Pavel Tutubalin,
Vladimir Mokshin
39 Juliano Prettz,
João Paulo Lustosa da Costa,
Mateus Zanatta,
João Alvim etc.
Efficient and low cost MIMO communication architecture for smartbands applied to postoperative patient care In this work, we propose an efficient and low cost monitoring system for postoperative patient care based on commercial smartbands. The current smartbands are restricted to SISO communication, we propose to expand the smartband capability to a MIMO communication by proposing a new architecture based on a signal concentrator. According to results, our proposed architecture with a single concentrator allows a 248:N communication. We also propose an M:N architecture communication for smartbands.
40 Ilia Rodko,
Aleksandr Maksimkin,
Aleksandr Biryukov,
Gennady Baryshev etc.
Calculation of natural frequencies of fuel rod claddings with corrosion damage In this paper we present the results of calculating the eigenfrequencies of vibrations of fuel rod claddings of fast neutron reactors with corrosive damages by the finite element method. These calculations will be useful for the development of ultrasonic resonance spectroscopy used for post-reactor studies of corrosion damage to fuel rod claddings.
41 Michael Zernov,
Vladimir Mladov
Associative methods of fuzzy operations implementation "Ways of implementation of fuzzy conjunction, disjunction, negation, are offered. The ways are tend to use binary vector operations, sutable for fast evaluation using an associative computing environment.
42 Gennady Baryshev,
Aleksandr Berestov
Application of digital instruments for interdisciplinary engineering projects in the research university In this paper we discuss the problem of application of digital instruments and technologies for solution of a major educational problem - student's successful research and engineering interdisciplinary programs. The results performed in compliance with the Worldwide CDIO (Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate) Initiative Standards and Educational Standards of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) are presented.
43 Gennady Baryshev,
Yuri Bozhko
Digital technologies for professional orientation of talented school graduates in the research university In this paper we discuss the problem of application of digital technologies for professional orientation of talented school graduates in compliance with the Worldwide CDIO (Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate) Initiative Standards in the world-class research university - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute). Results of a summer project-oriented camp practise are presented.
44 Gennady Baryshev,
Aleksandr Biryukov,
Aleksandr Berestov
Digital technologies for project-oriented industrial practice of the students of nuclear engineering programs In this paper we discuss the problem of application of digital technologies in nuclear engineering educational programs in compliance with the Worldwide CDIO (Conceive - Design - Implement - Operate) Initiative Standards and Educational Standards of National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) in the University. The results in focus of the project-oriented industrial practice of the group of students are discussed.
45 Daria Popova NEURO-FUZZY COMPOSITE MODEL OF A COMPLEX TECHNICAL SYSTEM When modeling a complex technical system, developers often encounter a lack of comprehensive data about the object. In that case, decomposition of the system into simpler elements comes to the aid, so the experimental data is simulated with artificial neural networks and expert data - with fuzzy networks. The composite model of neuro-fuzzy elements intended for designing and controlling a centrifugal compressor is considered in this paper.
46 Andrey Iskhakov,
Roman Meshcheryakov,
Yuriy Ekhlakov
The Internet of Things in the security industry The article considers the actual problems of the Internet of Things application in the industry of security. It is also shown the importance of data that are processed in such systems. The researchers evaluate the information security actual threats on the example of the modern access control systems based on the mobile communication devices. The authors propose recommendations in order to reduce the information security risks in such systems.
47 Stanislav Belyakov,
Paul Menyailov
Intelligent component for building GIS solutions in logistics projects "The article is devoted to the goal of synthesis of solutions in problems of transportation.
48 Sergey Kratov On the approaches to the creation of a scientific organization website The article describes the principles and approaches to the creation of a scientific organization website by the example of the ICM&MG SB RAS website, its structure and services provided to users.
49 Igor Bogachkov,
Nicolay Gorlov
Experimental research of the Mandelstam – Brillouin backscatter spectrum in the erbium-doped optical fiber The results of experimental researches of the Mandelstam – Brillouin backscatter spectrum in the erbium-doped single-mode optical fiber are presented in this paper. Reflectograms of Mandelstam – Brillouin backscatter spectrum, graphic dependences of strain and loss based on experimental studies are given. Analysis of the experimental results revealed significant dependences differences of the erbium-doped opti-cal fiber from the same dependences of another types of fibers.
50 Kseniya Nikolskaya,
Valentin Golodov,
Sergei Ivanov
Neural network for detecting attacks The article describes a neural network approach that combines the speed of network traffic processing by compressing features and the high accuracy of network attack classification. The experiment was carried out using a two-layer perceptron, a direct spread network, and the Kohonen network. The developed neural network system is considered as a heuristic analysis model, for further integration into intrusion detection software systems to improve the level of network security.
51 Nikolay Egoshin,
Anton Konev,
Aleksandr Shelupanov
Functional scheme of the process of access control "Analysis of existing schemes showed the presence of shortcomings in each of them. The main problem is the lack of a mathematical description and a clear structure.
52 Natalia Filatova,
Konstantin Sidorov,
Pavel Shemaev,
Igor Rebrun
Emotion and cognitive activity monitoring system "The system provides registration of speech responses and involuntary reactions in the form of EEG signals during the perception of emotional stimuli, as well as decision-making in the process of forming accessory functions by assessing the color or size of an object.
53 Sergey Iskhakov,
Alexander Shelupanov,
Artur Mitsel
Internet of things: security of embedded devices Expanding the interconnections between heterogeneous devices through a global network dictates the need to ensure a high level of security for embedded devices to stay one step ahead of the intruders. The article deals with the main problems of ensuring security at all levels of the Internet of things architecture, as well as actual models for constructing protection systems for embedded devices.
54 Valerija Sidorova Unsupervised Classification of the Date Land Cover The objective of the hierarchical decomposition of unimodal clusters is to achieve limit detailedness with respect to the рredetermined cluster separability. Reducing the dimension of the vector space inside clusters is considered too. Variants are proposed for spectral and statistical textural features. Application of the algorithm to the unsupervised classification of land cover is illustrated.
55 Alexander Murygin,
Vadim Tynchenko,
Valeriy Laptenok,
Olesya Emilova etc.
Development of an Automated Information System for Controlling the Induction Soldering of Aluminum Alloys Waveguide Paths Automated technology and specialized equipment for induction soldering of spacecraft aluminum alloy waveguide path are presented. The equipment is controlled from the industrial computer by the information from pyrometers, which control the process temperature. The automated system software provides workpiece heating control and temperature stabilization in a narrow temperature range. Developed bank of technological regimes provides soldering process registration and documentation.
56 Anton Konev,
Aleksandr Shelupanov,
Aleksei Yakimuk
Mathematical model of document circulation when working with information of limited access. The analysis of existing threat models showed the existence of certain drawbacks in each of them. The main problem is the absence of a mathematical description. Taking into account the basic principles used in the threat models and the drawbacks identified during the analysis, a new threat model was built. It includes a comprehensive list of threats to information and carriers.
57 Grigory Patrushev Research of SDN and 5G deploying efficiency The problem of deploying softaware-defined and 5 Generation network over existing computer and mobile networks is researched. Results of calcultions of end-to-end delay, call setup time and sustainability are presented.
58 Evgeny Wasserman,
Nikolay Кartashev,
Sergey Roudnitsky,
Oleg Zhvalevsky
Complex measurement systems in medicine: from synchronized monotask measuring instruments to cyber-physical systems Design problems of flexible computer systems for physiological researches are discussed. The widespread case of employing of commercial medical devices as parts of the resulting computer system is analyzed. To overcome most of the arising difficulties, we propose using of the universal synchronizing device and the modular script-based software. The prospects of such computer systems are outlined as a development into cyber-physical systems with on-demand plugging in of required hardware modules.
59 Vadim Tynchenko,
Valeriya Tynchenko,
Vladimir Bukhtoyarov,
Evgeniy Agafonov
Decision Support System for Designing an Effective Configuration of a Computing Network for Distributed Complex Problem Solving The problem of choosing an effective configuration of computer network for parallel solution of complex problem is discussed. An automated decision support system is proposed for designing a computer network based on the theory of mass service theory and the evolutionary approach. The results of solving the practical task of forming the structure of the computing network confirm the effectiveness of the proposed decision support system.
60 Vitaly Shamis,
Sergey Metelev,
Galina Boush,
Oxana Kulikova etc.
Agent Modelling of Advertising Impact on Regional Economic Clusters' Life-cycle The aim of the research is to simulate the advertising impact on the regional economic clusters' life-cycle. The methods used: agent modelling, Java program language. The results of the research: 1) advertising leverages cluster development processes by coordinating consumers behavior, decreases the transition period from cluster growth stage to cluster mature stage; 2) torrent segmental advertising campaign of the product is the most effective means for the growth stage of the cluster.
61 Ilia Nedoluzhko,
Vitalii Eremenko
Online processing for Earth remote sensing data The traditional approach to design a system for Earth remote sensing data is based on access to pre-determined set of products. Due to growing diversity of modern remote sensing instruments, as well as of methods to obtain the physical measurements, the requirement to provide a user with a product adapted to his needs comes to the fore. This is possible with providing processing as service. The presentation is devoted to principles used to create such system with loosely-coupled architecture.
62 Olga Trofimova Using the Laplas transform for radiation transfer modeling in a layered medium "Approximate method for solving the nonstationary radiation transfer equation is proposed. It consists of the several steps: using the Laplace transform, the initial-boundary value problem is reduced to
63 Roman Kuznetsov,
Valeri Chipulis,
Eugene Voloshin
The Achievements of Information Technology in the Russian Far East Heat Power Industry The problems of energy efficiency and the prospects of information systems in the heat power industry are considered. Particular attention is paid to the framework for development of information and analytical systems. The applications of innovative information and analytical systems designed to improve reliability and energy savings are shown.
64 Valery (V.N) Ovcharuk Hardware-software complex of multichannel acoustic-emission system for monitoring and diagnostics of materials Acoustic emission method is used as a means of analysis of materials, constructions, productions control and diagnosis during operating time. It's important advantages over other control methods are that it only reacts upon upcoming really dangerous defects and its ability to scan large areas or the whole of product without scanning it by a transducer. The correlation and signal to noise ratio were evaluated by the algorithm based on frequency spectrum.
65 Sergey Sergeevich Shalobanov,
Sergey Victorovich Shalobanov
The Search Defects Algorithm In Continuous Dynamical Systems By Vectors Of Topological Relations Article deals with research problem of search single structural defects algorithm, in continuous dynamical systems using vector of topological relations, based on integral estimates of signal deviations of model and object, with use of normalized diagnostic signs.
66 Irina Vershinina,
Evgeniy Sysoletin,
Konstantin Aksyonov,
Olga Aksyonova
Automatic detail assembly for robotic systems without computer-aided manufacturing stage This paper is devoted to the project ''The Thinker'' that aims to the CAM stage exception in a manufacturing process due to industrial manipulators. The final desired outcome of this project is to create such software that would permit engineers to do without the CAM stage in a manufacturing, using only CAD files.
67 Sergey Konesev,
Pavel Khlyupin
Ways to improve the efficiency of heat exposure electrothermal installations A comparative analysis of the flare of the heating system and the electro-thermal systems based on induction technology. The analysis showed that the existing flare systems at nominal factory parameters, when the oil is heated, lose up to 4 MW of thermal energy, the thermal efficiency of the system does not exceed 0.75. The efficiency of using electrotechnical heating systems based on induction technologies for oil heating in the case of contactless transfer of thermal energy
68 Aleksander Proskuryakov,
Yuryi Kropotov
Research and forecasting of changes in the parameters of time series and continuous functions in information systems Algorithms for predicting changes in the parameters of continuous functions and time series that take place in information systems are considered. The questions of finding estimates of the forecast are considered, by minimizing the loss function. The system of forecasting with application of technologies of artificial neural networks is presented.
69 Dmitry Rusak Investigation of MEMS IMU with different operating ranges Investigation of MEMS IMU with different operating ranges
70 Yuriy Kropotov,
Aleksander Kolpakov
On the transmission of asynchronous data streams over packet-switched networks with random multiple access The task of synchronizing discrete information on received data packets in packet-switched networks and random multiple access to the transmission medium is actual. In such channels, an asynchronous method of information transmission is provided. Therefore, in telecommunication systems, there is a problem of developing new methods for exchanging information and forming an effective structure for organizing clock synchronization for incoming data packets.
71 Roman Morozov,
Zhuchkov Dmitry
Heterogeneous information systems interaction This article describes the problem of organizing heterogeneous information systems interaction. Various factors influencing the process of intersystem integration are observed. Modern technologies for intersystem integration are considered. A simple and effective approach to arrangement of intersystem integration is offered.
72 Aleksey Filippov,
Nadezhda Yarushkina,
Vadim Moshkin,
Liliya Filippova
Application of fuzzy knowledge base in the construction of expert systems This article describes a formal model of fuzzy knowledge base based on the analysis of contexts of the subject area. Also the article describes the architecture of the fuzzy knowledge base. In addition the article describes the application of the knowledge base model in developing an expert system for diagnosing the level of development children of early age.
73 Elena Gal'perova,
Vasiliy Gal'perov
Modeling of the behavior of the active consumer based on the agent approach Specific features of the active consumer are characterized. Modeling of consumer behavior is based on the use of agent technology. The energy supply scheme of the consumer is described by the agents-element. Depending on the situation in the energy system for managing its own energy consumption, the agent- manager affects the agent-elements. The situation when the state of agent-elements can affect tо operation of the power system is analyzed.
74 Irina Yelistratova,
Aleksandra Gayvonenko
Comparative analysis of methods of superresolution Despite many works devoted to the comparative analysis sverhrazdutaya algorithms, it should be noted that in each of the works simultaneously compares a few of the methods and the individual indicators. The obtained partial results, often contradicting each other, do not allow a complete evaluation of existing methods. Therefore, the problem of comparative analysis of methods of superresolution remains relevant.
75 Stanislav Belyakov,
Andrey Glushkov,
Marina Belyakova
Intellectual Cartographic Visualization Procedure For GIS This paper considers a problem of redundancy minimization which occurs during a spatial data visualization. This paper propose an overall conceptual model of cartographic objects visualisation, incomplete and contradictory information events, described a visualisation management model, based on an intelligent assessment procedures and rich information workspace GIS maps. We proposed an approach to visualize cartographic materials containing incomplete certain situations.
76 Denis Migov Parallel calculation of diameter constrained network reliability The problem of all-terminal network reliability calculation is studied. Based on the factoring method, we introduce a parallel method for network reliability calculation. Another approach we study is a cumulative updating of lower and upper bounds of network reliability for faster feasibility decision. Parallel implementation of this method is proposed. The analysis of the numerical experiments allowed us to set some important parameters of the parallel algorithms for speeding up calculations.
77 Olga Moldovanova,
Mikhail Kurnosov,
Alexey Mel'nikov
Energy Efficiency and Performance Of Auto-Vectorized Loops on Intel Xeon processors This paper evaluates how well compilers auto-vectorize loops. As a benchmark we use the ETSVC package. We estimate time, energy, power and speedup by running the loops in scalar and vector modes and determine loop classes which the compilers fail to vectorize. Our experimental platform was the dual CPU system (NUMA, 2xIntel Xeon E5-2620v4, Intel Broadwell microarchitecture) with the Intel Xeon Phi 3120A co-processor.We use the Running Average Limit Power (RAPL) to obtain the energy measurements.
78 Aleksandra Gayvonenko,
Irina Yelistratova
The Optimization of Systems of Metrological Support and Production Control Multiparameter of quality causes a need in more detailed examination of issues on measurement resolution to provide efficient functioning of metrological systems
79 Alexander Nozhenkov,
Valery Nicheporchuk
Integrated emergency situations monitoring system in Krasnoyarsk region Integrated emergency situations monitoring system in Krasnoyarsk region is presented. The system is intended for early risks warning and minimizing of the consequences of the emergency situations. The system integrates such technologies as data warehouse, OLAP-tools, web-tools and GIS. The developed approach allows collecting, analyzing, storing and representing of different kind of data for quick automatic identification of risks and threats.
80 Aleksey Markov,
Olga Isaeva
Supporting the portability of SMP-models in the problem-oriented simulation infrastructure The article deals with the software implementation of methods for providing the portability of SMP-models in the simulation infrastructure. SMP-models are built on the basis of the international standard «Simulation Model Portability», which sets the common principles and the simulation approaches. The developed methods allow implementing the integration of various device models in a problem-oriented infrastructure designed for the analysis of the functioning of the spacecraft onboard systems.
81 Evgenii Gruzenko,
Ludmila Nozhenkova,
Olga Isaeva
Computer modeling for supporting the design of the spacecraft onboard systems This article presents computer simulation technology for support of spacecraft onboard systems design. The original methods and tools are developed, that allow building information-graphic models describing the architecture of the onboard systems. Tools for the formation and application of the knowledge base allow to specify the functioning logic of the model. The developed software allows the design engineer to conduct simulation experiments with models for the analysis of technical solutions.
82 Rodion Vogorovskiy,
Ludmila Nozhenkova,
Olga Isaeva
Method of the command and software management simulation for automation of the spacecraft onboard equipment testing This paper presents test support method of the command and software management of the spacecraft onboard equipment. The method is based on the simulation of the command and software management, that is performed at the test preparation stage. Simulation results allow to form an extended test program, taking into account the performance features of the testing product. This approach improves the quality of test process, and then it leads to improving the quality of the space engineering products.
83 Alexander Kretinin,
Dmitrij Shmatov
Neural network simulation of multidisciplinary processes in thermoelectric devices In this paper an implementation of thermoelectric effects in ANSYS Workbench is described. The computational model which simulates thermal and electric performance, temperature distribution, thermal flux, temperature gradient, and voltage distribution of a thermoelectric cooling device based on thermoelectric technology is presented.
84 Alexander Kretinin,
Yurij Bulygin,
Semen Podval'nyi
Neural network modeling of LRE combustion chambers both thermal and hydrodynamics processes Some problems of thermodynamic, hydraulic and thermal calculations of the thermal state analysis and performance of the liquid-propellant rocket engine design using neural network modeling are detected. There are presented some applications of neural-network algorithms using in thermal calculations of the LRE chamber such as the simulation of hydraulic non-uniformity of fuel distribution among the sprayers of LRE mixing devices.
85 Alexey Paznikov Optimization of Remote Core Locking Synchronization in Multithreaded Programs for Multicore Computer Systems This paper proposes the algorithms for optimization of Remote Core Locking (RCL) synchronization method in multithreaded programs. The algorithm of initialization of RCL-locks and the algorithms for threads affinity optimization are developed. The algorithms consider the structures of hierarchical computer systems and non-uniform memory access (NUMA) to minimize execution time of RCL-programs.
86 Vitaly Vorobiev On some features of logical inference in groups of robots with local interaction The paper considers the issue of logical inference for the task of constructing a general plan of actions for a group of robots using local interaction.
87 Gouzel Shakhmametova,
Nafisa Yusupova
Statistical and intellectual methods of processing of medical data "The different methods of the medical data processing including non-parametric methods and data mining methods are considered in the paper. The results of the researches are discussed.
88 Evgeny Kotelnikov,
Tatyana Peskisheva
Joint Analysis of All Russian Sentiment Lexicons Nine Russian sentiment lexicons, that exist now, are jointly analyzed in the article. The unions and intersections of these lexicons are formed. The lexicons' quality for text sentiment analysis is researched. As a result the most complete Russian sentiment lexicon is created.
89 Aleksandr Eremenko,
Marina Aleksanina,
Pavel Babyak
Computation of movement velocities on satellite imagery with parallel processing The approach for velocities computation of marker movements on a sequence of satellite images was developed. The peculiarity of the approach is in the use of autocorrelation function analysis of templates with markers to rejet the incorrect vectors and in the use of new criterion of template similarity. The method was verified on computation of velocities for ice drifting, surface currents and cloud movements. Massive parallel computations of velocities were organized.
90 Tatiana Komashinskaia Development of the bilingual information system "The article describes the development of the bilingual information system, which allows to conduct linguistic and interdisciplinary studies of metaphors of the semantic sphere ""The Human Inner World in Metaphors"". Developed information system contain a database in Russian and English languages and will be in open access on the Internet."
91 Aleksandr Rodionoov,
Sergey Kulik,
Petr Unru,
Kir'yanov Alexey
Performance analysis of the modified coded MIMO-OFDM underwater communication system in non-stationary acoustic channel In the report the implementation of underwater acoustic communication system utilizing modified MIMO-OFDM techniques combined with noise-sustainable coding is presented along with the overview of its performance and noise-sustainability under conditions of highly non-stationary acoustic communication channel. The results of numerical and full-scale experiments of proposed system are also provided. The proposed system was designed for communication application in AUV/ASV groups.
92 Yuliya Bidulya An approach to the development of software for effective search of scientific articles We consider a method of information retrieval of scientific articles. Search engine users often find it difficult to formulate a query using a proper terms related to the research area. We propose an approach, in which the system does not modify the user's query but analyses the articles using natural language processing methods and adds semantically similar articles to the initial set of documents. The system for the article search were developed and tested on the collection of articles.
93 Dmitry Luchaninov,
Ruslan Bazhenov,
Natalia Bazhenova,
Natalia Bogachenko
The pedagogical interaction implementation within the university informational-educational environment for student's information competence development. The article analyzes the effectiveness of pedagogical interaction for student's informational competence development within informational-educational environment. The concept of pedagogical interaction, interactive tools of informational-educational environment, training methods for student's informational competence development are described. Sholom-Aleichem Priamursky State University served as an experimental base. Research results demonstrate the effectiveness of experimental work.
94 Grigory Patrushev,
Kirill Pavsky,
Vera Drozdova
Analysis of heterogeneous traffic of software-defined networks Analysis of software-defined networks deployed over existing computer networks with heterogenous structure of traffic was carried out. Optimal queuing models for different types of traffic was chosen.
95 Alexsey Palienko Apache Spark and Hadoop Map Reduce: A detailed comparison Big Data refers to technologies that involve data that is too diverse, fast-changing or massive for common technologies, skills and frameworks to address efficiently. Hadoop Map Reduce and Apache Spark – both of which provide a processing model for analyzing big data. This paper strives to compare and contrast Apache Spark with Hadoop Map Reduce from various angles and give insights into the essential characteristics of both.
96 Denis Kharko Environmental monitoring system of laboratory on microcomputer platform Arduino/Raspberry Pi The presented system makes it possible to obtain data on environmental parameters from various sensors, to present them in a formalized form, and also has the ability to influence these parameters.
97 Victor Bugaenko Elegant object's style for Java beginners Interesting observations how to motivate children and beginners learning JAVA, accumulated over 9 years of working and new opportunities for effective teaching from practitioners.
98 Sergey Krasnopeyev,
Evgeniy Shul'kin,
Sergey Pashinskiy,
Philip Kol'tsov
The System of Spatial Interpretation of Hydrological Information for Automated Information System of Hydrological Monitoring and Data Management of ''PRIMHYDROMET'' "The system of spatial interpretation of hydrological and thematic information was developed. The purpose of the system:
99 Semyon Balagan,
Evgeniy Chusovitin,
Dmitry Goroshko,
Olga Goroshko
Method for scanning probe microscopy images analysis for evaluation of topographic parameters of objects on the surface Currently, scanning probe microscopy (SPM) is actively used to obtain surface data. A large number of images require a fast and high-quality calculation of the topographic parameters of objects on the surface. The original algorithm for finding the local maximum is realized by sorting an array of points forming the topography of the SPM image surface. It provides to determine any topographic characteristics of the surface and objects located on it (height, lateral dimensions, area, volume, etc.)
100 Grunberg Kirill,
Plekhova Natalia,
Dolzhikov Sergey
Medical instrument-computer system for calculating the fatal outcome of cardiovascular diseases The use of a computer in combination with measuring technology in clinical diagnostics allows creating effective means for providing collection of information about the patient's. In this study, the specialized information system for analysis of data with assess the overall and relative risk of fatal outcome cardiovascular diseases is presented.
101 Nikolai Stepanov,
Karina Shakhgeldyan,
Boris Geltser
The Use of Big Data for Extraction and Processing of Statistical Data of the Private Healthcare Sector The article deals with the development of technology for extraction and processing of statistical information of private sector of regional healthcare. The concept of data mining from various sources in the Internet, methods of extraction and integration of information about medical organizations of private sector of regional healthcare are presented.
102 Andrey Panychev,
Anatoly Samoylenko,
Sergey Panychev
Technologies of aggregation for integral criteria of evaluating the efficiency of on-board computer systems A set of technologies of aggregation for integrating scalar criteria of estimating the efficiency of on-board computer systems is proposed. They based on homogeneity, weighting coefficients of significance, ranges of changes of particular quality parameters. The model is formed belongs to the class of optimization problems. To solve the problem of choosing the optimal alternative, linear, linear-numerical, nonlinear, and dynamic programming methods are used.
103 Dmitry Mamontov,
Oleg Sychev
Automatic error detection and hint generation in the teaching of formal languages syntax using CorrectWriting question type for Moodle LMS Developing skill of writing small fragments in studied language is one of the most time-consuming tasks to the teachers due to constant review and feedback to the students. This task can be automated using usual open questions, but generation of answers with all possible mistakes is very resource-consuming. The article describes a method for detecting mistakes and generating feedback using edit distances, tree analysis, natural language generation and compares it with brute-force approach.
104 Igor Yakimov,
Mikhail Trusfus,
Alexander Kirpichnikov,
Vladimir Mokshin
AnyLogic, ExtendSim and Simulink overview The article provides the description of M/M/5/2 queuing system and analytical model. SSSM AnyLogic, ExtendSim and Simulink are briefly considered. Results of analytical modelling (AM) of queuing system M/M/5/2 are compared to results of simulation modelling (SM) in SSSM AnyLogic, ExtendSim and Simulink. Advantages and disadvantages of SSSM are outlined.
105 Larisa Ginis,
Larisa Gordienko,
Sergey Levoniuk
Aircraft & space interfaces testing with National Instruments equipment Special interfaces for remote sensing aircraft&satellite on-board equipment information exchange are widely applied today. Aircraft s &space interfaces features, input-output modules testing application, testing virtual instruments and the testing process are described. The article discusses the National Instruments equipment for aircraft & space interfaces testing.
106 Victor Krasheninnikov,
Olga Malenova,
Anna Yashina
The detection of ischemia markers in image of human biological fluid facies One of the effective methods of early medical diagnosis is based on the image analysis of human biological fluid. In the process of fluid crystallization there appear characteristic patterns (markers) in the resulting layer (facies). This paper presents algorithms to detect a crescent structure marker in images of blood serum and cervical mucus facies. Such a marker indicates the symptoms of ischemic disease.
107 Alexander Konev,
Sergey Konesev,
Andrei Mukhametshin
High-voltage test sets mass-dimension parameters optimization Nowadays specialized high-voltage test sets are used to diagnose the electrical insulation condition of high-voltage electrical installations, the AC voltage of industrial frequency is achieved by using a step-up transformer with low mass-dimension parameters. The article gives a comparative evaluation of high-voltage test sets (based on various schemes) mass-dimension parameters and examines ways of optimizing. The obtained results can be used for development of high voltage test equipment.
108 Sergey Tarkhov,
Shamil Minasov,
Natalia Minasova,
Lyaylya Tarkhova
Storage and processing technologies of cognitive content for e-learning systems Deals the technologies of structuring, decomposition, storage organization and personal-oriented assembly of training content in web-oriented open e-learning systems. Hierarchical object-oriented model allows to store decomposed to low level data and perform automated reconstruction cognitive content provided to trainee in the compiled modules form, that contain training materials and management procedures adaptive learning. The technology is used for virtual knowledge space building.
109 Marina Nikitina,
Yuri Ivashkin
Modeling of the human digestive system in the diet structural optimization To opimize diets and regimes of human adequate nutrition, a structural-parametric description and agent-oriented model of the human digestive system are proposed. The biochemical processes in the sub-systems of the gastrointestinal tract are described by the substrate-enzyme reactions of splitting and assimilation of the elements of the nutritive value and allow optimizing a composition and structure of the human diet with consideration for their physiological condition.
110 Sergey Sergeevich Shalobanov,
Sergey Victorovich Shalobanov
Defect Search In Automatical Control Systems Based On Trial Deviations OF Model Parameters Article deals with research problem of the methods of single defects search in continuous dynamical systems, of an automatic control class with a depth to dynamic block by the trial deviations of model parameters, using the integral estimates of signals deviations and normalized diagnostic signs. This approach reduces the hardware or software costs associated with the implementation of sensitivity functions.
111 Alexander Pokhilko The Design Process Ontology Representation Based on Semantic Features Generalization Abstract. This article is about the approach to achieve of design decisions modifiability on the level of assembly units. The main feature of this approach is design parameters manipulation as the semantic attributes. This is achieved by the assembly process representation of consistent implementation design procedures. They are treated as basic operations set, united by object orientation with a strictly defined semantic content.
112 Mikhail Kurako,
Alexander Zotin,
Kostantin Simonov,
Tatyana Cherepanova etc.
Shearlet transform and color coding techniques for medical image processing Image processing techniques play an important role in the diagnostics and detection of diseases. The research is focused on medical image processing and morphological analysis of urology images and plastic surgery problems. Novel methodology has been presented for processing medical images using color coding for contour representation, obtained by means of shearlet transform. The contours of objects in the medical urology images are obtained and compared with the conventional processing filters.
113 Viktoriya Dudko,
Valentina Chernyavskaya
Instruments of corpus linguistics in the terminological exercise intentional learning "In article intentionality questions as the competences of the teacher connected with development of abilities of the pupil are considered. Results of the frequency analysis of an intentionality of teachers are presented. Potential of case methodology is used. Set phrases with use of the term ""intentionality"" are found that has allowed to reveal a context of its application. The historical aspect of distribution of the term ""intentional learning"" is considered."
114 Elena Kokoreva The mobile systems characteristics modelling Author developed a conceptual and a program models of 4G mobile systems. As the result of modelling time-probability characteristics of 15-node network are acquired and can be applied to quality of data transmission evaluation.
115 Galina Troshina,
Evgeny Romanov,
Alexander Yakimenko
Software Engineering for Industry Specialists Industry specialists training questions taking into account broad use of computer systems are considered. Professional competences in relation to the computer architecture and the software architecture, the software engineering, the programming technology, the industry and program standardization are deciphered. Professional and educational standards are analyzed, recommendations about the specified competences realization in educational process are made.
116 Olga Zhigalova,
Tatiana Kopus
Reimagine Teacher Training for Performing in Information-Oriented Society (FabLab) The changes in today's society have great impact on teacher training system in higher education. A graduate is to be ready to manage learning and teaching in highly technological, excessively informative and dynamic educational environment. The article describes the results of implementing FabLab in teacher training at Far Eastern Federal University (School of Education). The article is focused on the delivery models of the FabLab as well as on its benefits in the system of teacher preparation.
117 Tatiana Gornostaeva,
Polina Bazhina,
Tatiana Komashinskaia,
Olga Zhigalova
Information Technologies in the System of Higher Education in Russia: Master's Degree in Pedagogy "In the modern world, educational institutions can no longer effectively perform their functions without using information communication technologies (ICT). The problem of building, developing, and raising the ICT-competence of teachers is a topical issue for the modern Russian society.
118 Tamara Chistyakova,
Roman Makaruk,
Ilya Sadykov,
Christian Kohlert
Methods and technologies for protecting pharmaceutical products in polymer packaging from counterfeiting The authors suggest methods and technologies for protecting pharmaceutical products' polymer packaging based on modern ideas from IT and manufacturing such as image recognition, client-server software architecture, mobile apps, digital signatures, luminophores, and PVC film. Testing the authors' approach showed the effectiveness of the presented methods and technologies. The results should be of interest to companies producing pharmaceuticals.
119 Elena Antonova,
Tatyana Belousova
Development of a training stand on the basis of information customs systems "The use of training simulators and stands in the educational process of customs universities allow developing and working out professional decision-making skills in situations close to real ones. The project of the training stand ""Electronic Declaration"" based on the combination of ready-made software products used by the FCS of Russia was proposed."
120 Elena Kiykova,
Elena Lavrushina
Development of a system for websites managing requirements "The developed methodology is the most applicable to the tasks of supporting and expanding the functionality of websites (information or entertainment portals, online stores and social networks).
121 Oleg S. Amosov,
Svetlana G. Baena
DESIGN CONCEPT OF THE INTELLIGENT INFORMATION AND TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEM OF UNIVERSITY SECURITY The design concept of intelligence information and telecommunication system for the university complex safety of new generation is offered. Problems of objects reliable protection, the access control for natural persons and technical objects, the ensuring information security are solved. Technologies of the neural network and fuzzy approach, swarm intelligence, expert systems, video content analysis, simultaneous localization and mapping, fractal and wavelet analysis are used.
122 Sergey Dvoynishnikov,
Vladimir Meledin
Method of high-speed phase images processing for 3D measurements based on parallel computing Phase images processing method for 3D geometry measurements by the optical triangulation is offered. It is shown that the implementation of phase images reconstruction algorithm using GPU and CPU operates more than 100 times faster than implementation using only CPU. Implementation of proposed method allows to significantly improves performance of modern the phase triangulation methods.
123 Vladimir Kim Research of preferences of types of training materials by students "In article results of a research are provided frequencies of use of different types of training materials by students.
124 Victor Krasheninnikov,
Yulia Kuvayskova,
Vladimir Klyachkin
Updating the prediction models of technical objects The stability of various systems largely dependent on the accuracy of state prediction of technical objects. For this purpose, mathematical models are used. However, over time, the models used may become obsolete, and not only model parameters but also its structure need to be adjusted. In this paper real time adaptive pseudogradient procedures for updating parameters and structure of prediction models are proposed.
125 Dmitry Kononov,
Sergey Isaev
Improving Web Applications Security using Path-based Role Access Control Model Web applications security is a complex problem with several aspects. One aspect is access control according to specified security policy. This work is dedicated to developing security access control model for web applications. This article describes path-based security model, which extends original RBAC model and allows flexible access control using web request path. Applying the model described for web applications allows reducing security risks.
126 Helen Grebenuk Problems of reducing edge effects when using wavelet filtration in the mode of obtaining observations A filter for non - stationary processes , using wavelet transforms, which allows receiving real time filtering without edge effects and delay, was proposed. The developed filtering algorithm can be used to process signals of telecommunication networks.
127 Georgi Martinov,
Sergej Grigoriev
An approach to Creation of Terminal Clients in CNC System "To facilitate the maintenance of large machines with working area of several meters, one equips them with additionala terminals, as well as a supplementary remote handler.
128 Natalya Kisel,
Vitaly Cheremisov,
Dmitry Kisel
A Computational Model of Microwave Imaging Currently, for the studying of the internal structure of different objects apply the ultrasonic oscillations, x-rays, using the properties of nuclear magnetic resonance, etc. Each of the appropriate methods are peculiar to specific restrictions, so actual search and study of alternative types of probing actions. They include radio waves and ranges microwave and EHF. Below we consider the implementation of computational models of microwave imaging.
129 Regina Khazieva,
Sergey Konesev,
Roman Kirillov
Electromagnetic Compatibility of Devices on Hybrid Electromagnetic Components In electrotechnical devices, it is possible to operate LC-circuits tuned to resonance. The performance of electromagnetic components in the integral version (form) operating in resonance mode, leads to a decrease in the level of electromagnetic interference (higher harmonics). In the article, the authors present experimental data on the functioning of a hybrid electromagnetic element in an autonomous inverter and evaluated its electromagnetic compatibility and influence on the power system.
130 Natalya Kisel,
Dmitry Derachits,
Vitaly Cheremisov
Automated System Simulation and Functional Control Characteristics Microwave Module Based on Modern CAD Microwave The basis of the developed automated complex are the software implementation of algorithms of analysis of the output signals and computer-aided design system for the analysis of product performance based on mathematical models. Functional control system includes not only the measurement modules, compare, diagnostic features, simulation modules, optimization and design using specialized software. The developed system was tested on the example of a microstrip smooth phase shifter module.
131 Ivan Artamonov CPN-based verifying transactions atomicity in microservices environment. The paper describes an easy approach for testing a process atomicity with CPN-based simulation. It proposes a special framework including everything necessary for quick checking of processes that are intended for execution in service-oriented environment, and shows an example.
132 Maxim Krasikov Research of the satellite transponder beams mutual impact in IMT-Advanced networks In this article we investigated the effect of side-lobe level directivity pattern of digital concentric circular antenna array on frequency-spatial planning mobile satellite systems using the fourth generation networks IMT-Advanced. The implementation of the optimal frequency-spatial planning was carried out based on the method of coordination rings which allowed electromagnetic compatibility by taking into account the multiplicity of interference from the multipath antenna side-lobe rays.
133 Ivan Nechta NEW METHOD OF HIDDEN MESSAGES TRANSMISSION USED IN SOCIAL NETWORKS "In this paper we propose a new method for hidden messages transmission in social networks, on the example of the network ""Vkontakte"". It was proposed to use a graph structure of user's friends to embed a secret message. It was tested for robustness of this method to a statistical stegoanalysis. It was shown the necessity of adding redundancy to secret messages for preventing successful steganalysis."
134 Shalkina Tatiana Data mining technology in the evaluation of the quality of e-learning courses In the article the problem of assessing the quality of e-learning courses are introduced, the advantages and disadvantages existing models as applied to assess the quality of e-learning course are analyzed. The application of decision trees as a means of classification of e-learning courses on quality levels are justified.The results of experimental work on the application of the proposed methodology in assessing the quality of e-learning courses are introduced.
135 Dmitriy Levonevskiy,
Anton Saveliev,
Irina Vatamaniuk
Integration of Corporate Electronic Services into a Cyber-Physical System This paper considers integration of heterogeneous components of the corporate information infrastructure for development of an enterprise cyber-physical system that uses available corporate resources to achieve common goals of the enterprise. The paper proposes a multilevel model of service integration and a formalization method for the system functioning scenarios, discusses the architecture of the Multimodal Information and Navigation Cloud System (MINOS) and activities of its development.
136 Dmitry Nazarov,
Oleg Abramov
A Software System for Acceptability Region Construction and Analysis This paper describes a software system for acceptability regions construction, analysis and using during engineering systems design. Acceptability region construction and utilization algorithms require high performance techniques, parallel computations, and cloud services providing data storage and computational resources. Components of the software system and their interaction are described in this work.
137 Y. Gelozhe,
P. Klimenko,
A. Maksimov
Improving the efficiency of automatic synchronization systems in condition of large disturbances, whos interrupting the main mode of operation The problem of improving the phase-locked loop (PLL) high-speed performance in the mode of synchronism recovery, interrupted by a large unpredictable disturbance is considered. It is suggested to carry out the control of output signals of digital frequency dividers in addition to frequency control. It is demonstrated experimentally that the result of such a control is the rapid recovery of the synchronism mode of PLL that increases the effectiveness of the communication system in some modes.
138 Alexander Loshkarev Optimization of Flexible QoS-Guaranteed Multifunctional MAC for Rural Profitable Ubiquitous 5G IoT/M2M Systems The ubiquitous Internet of Things (IoT) and M2M/M2H systems envisage unprecedented high requirements to the reliability, flexibility, throughput, guaranteeing of QoS/QoE, spectral/ energy efficiency, and to low-cost covering of the rural and remote (RRD) areas especially. In this paper, developed researches of the fundamental principles, optimization and modeling of the distributed wireless MFMAC protocols met the issues and requirements of rural 5G IoT/M2M/H2H communications.
139 Mykhailo Koliada,
Grigoriy Kapranov,
Tetyana Bugaeyova
Pedagogical modeling and forecasting on the basis of computing methods The article is devoted to the study of pedagogical processes and phenomena through the improvement and application of computational methods, modern information technologies in computer intelligent systems. The article considers ways to provide a reliable and reliable forecast for the functioning of pedagogical systems through the application of computational methods in systems of computer intellectual analysis of didactic data, machine learning, and the presentation of pedagogical knowledge.
140 Hmelnov Alexey,
Bychkov Igor,
Fereferov Evgeniy,
Rugnikov Gennadiy etc.
Methods for automation of development of information systems using specifications of database applications "An original approach to development of database-dependent
141 Oleg Sychev,
Nikita Penskoy,
Vladislav Gurtovoy
Comparison of english language inflectors using same-lemma detection method Inflectors – the programs, that generate different forms of given lemma – are important part of natural language processing, especially natural language generation. They also can be used in teaching grammar. However, writing a good inflector is not an easy task and many modern ones have deficiencies. The article compares 3 popular open source inflectors using same-lemma detection method, which defines if inflector could be used to identify, that two different words belong to the same lemma.
142 Galina Rybina,
Yuri Blokhin,
Sergey Parondzhanov
AT-TECHNOLOGY workbench for knowledge-based systems development: new aspects of intelligent technology The work is focused on intellectualization of the development process of integrated expert systems basing on the the problem-oriented methodology and AT-TECHNOLOGY workbench. Basic intelligent software environment components like intelligent planner, reusable components, standard design procedures are described. Development process with use of intelligent technology is reviewed. An example development process of dynamic integrated expert system prototype is briefly given.
143 Dmitry Antipin,
Vladimir Kobishchanov,
Sergey Shorokhov
The Development of Software for Forecasting Injuries Caused to Passengers of Vehicles in Emergency Situations "The software libraries of the complex of modeling the dynamics of the systems of bodies called ""Universal Mechanism"", designed for the analysis of injuries caused to the passengers of vehicles in emergency situations, are developed. The software allows us to include models of anthropometric manikins in the developed solid-state models of emergency situations. The developed software was tested on the example of analysis of emergency situations related to the collision of a railway rolling stock."
144 Vitaly Safronov,
Semen Podvalniy,
Vladimir Barabanov,
Alexander Nuzhnyy
SEAMLESS INTEGRATION OF PRODUCTION INFORMATION SYSTEMS In this article the methods of specialized software systems integration are analyzed and the concept of seamless integration of production decisions is offered. In view of this concept developed structural and functional schemes of the specialized software are shown. The proposed schemes and models are improved for a machine-building enterprise.
145 Natalia Plekhova,
Vera Nevzorova,
Valentin Shumatov,
Larisa Rodionova etc.
Scale of binary variables for predicting cardiovascular risk The transformating of regression model development cardiovascular diseases difficult for apply in practical medicine into a more simplified version of scale is shown. This included the determination of predictors disease; categorization and inclusion in the regression model with optimal scaling and coefficient for subsequent calculation of importance; plotting regression dependence of theoretical probability investigated variable; selection of threshold value.
146 Karina Shakhgeldyan,
Boris Geltser,
Marina Ermolitskaya,
Dmitriy Gmar
Using Machine Learning to Assess Efficiency of TB Service The purpose of the study was to assess the impact of the availability of TB care on the TB epidemic process. Processing and analysis were performed using methods of machine learning: cluster analysis, linear regression analysis and autoregressive models. It is shown that clusters with the severe epidemic situation are characterized by low staff availability in all its indicators and vice versa. The staff availability of TB care is the most important factor affecting the TB process.
147 Ulyana Lapteva,
Oleg Kuzyakov
Web content creation and managment with using CMS Drupal The paper describes the solution of the problem of the porting content from the old website to the new platform with added interactive functionality. Made for the rationale selection of the content management system Drupal-based on the analysis of the comparative characteristics of the other CMS. The paper provides detailed practical implementation of the desired functionality.
148 Kseniya Dyuldina,
Sergey Snopko,
Dmitriy Gmar,
Karina Shakhgeldyan
Indoor navigation service based on Wi-Fi positioning The paper provides a review of the in-building positioning algorithm based on the wireless access point signal and the elaboration of the mobile application providing indoor navigation. The research highlights the positioning algorithm through matching mobile devices data to the reference image signal. With the algorithm in use, the Location Based Service (LBS) provides in real time operation tracing of a mobile user with a location-aware application.
149 Konstantin Budnikov,
Alexander Kurochkin,
Anatoly Lubkov,
Alexander Yakovlev
EXPERIMENTAL STUDY OF SYMMETRIC COMPUTER MODEL OF HTTP-FILTER Filtering of requests to Internet resources allows regulating of access to them by users. The paper presents a symmetrical computer model of filtering device for HTTP-requests at packet level using filtration method by URL address. Proposed model contains two equivalent channels that provide passing of packet traffic through the device and its filtering. The technique of test bench studying of HTTP-filter characteristics is proposed. Results of experimental testing of the model are presented.
150 Sergey Snopko,
Karina Shakhgeldyan,
Aleksey Rylov,
Dmitriy Gmar
Developing X-ray simulator for luggage screening Abstract - The article is concerned with the development of computer simulator complex for supporting teaching and practical application of X-ray equipment for luggage screening. The paper offers algorithms of image processing for imitating the work of a high quality simulator, as well as two new methods of processing images imitating deep penetration and exposure of materials. The results of the study are to be implemented in teaching students.
151 Alla Klevtsova,
Sergej Klevtsov
Using a Qualitative Assessment to Determine the Extent of the System Functionality A hierarchical model of the qualitative assessment of the system's operability is presented. The system consists of objects that are characterized by their parameters. The evaluation is based on the determination of the state of the parameters. The procedure is carried out using intermediate scales of numerical evaluation, when qualitative estimates are put in line with their quantitative equivalents.
152 Alexey Markov,
Alexander Barabanov,
Valentine Tsirlov
Information Security Controls Against Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks on Software Applications of the Automated Systems This paper presents statistical results, which were received in the study into security of various web-application against cross-site request forgery attacks. The paper provides the results of consolidating information about the attack and controls. It specifies results of the study, which demonstrate various distribution types: distribution of the security measures, distribution of the identified vulnerabilities, data on the number of security measures. The authors give recommendations.
153 Liliya Martinova,
Georgi Martinov
Automation of Machine-building Production in the Framework of Industry 4.0 Concept Low-priced individual goods are sought-after, which creates demand for resource-effective technologies and sustainably developing industry. Machine maintenance is performed according to machine builders' regulations, while digital technologies offer approaches, based on on-line monitoring, diagnosing of equipment and comparing data with standards, set at the start-up stage. The CNC application, digital oscilloscope, monitoring servo-drives allows canceling scheduled irrelevant machine downtime.
154 Ivan Chokha Hardware-software complex for evaluating the roughness of the quenching wheel The article describes the device model for estimating the roughness of the cupper quenching wheel that is used in the spinning unit. The roughness control methods are considered and the most optimal one is chosen. The developed system allows to quickly estimate the roughness of the side surface of the wheel, during its rotation. The system was based on a laser optical system and a microprocessing unit.
155 Ilya Hodashinsky,
Maxim Mech
Constructing a Fuzzy Network Intrusion Classifier Based on Differential Evolution and Harmonic search This paper presents a method for constructing intrusion detection systems based on efficient fuzzy rule-based classifiers. The design process of a fuzzy rule-based classifier from a given input-output data set can be presented as a feature selection and parameter optimization problem. For parameter optimization of fuzzy classifiers, the differential evolution is used, while the binary harmonic search algorithm is used for selection of relevant features.
156 Valeria Gribova,
Alexander Kleschev,
Philip Moskalenko,
Vadim Timchenko etc.
Technology for the development of intelligent service shells based on extended generative graph grammars A technology for development of intelligent service shells on the IACPaaS cloud platform is presented. It is based on extended generative graph grammars. Each one defines a set of information units in the form of a marked hierarchical digraph generated by it. The extension is represented by an information unit where correspondences of software agents and vertexes of the grammar are set. The technology is intended to reduce labor intensity and time of intelligent services development.
157 Leonid Fedorischev,
Valeria Gribova
Visualization of scientific information based on ontologies in a graph form Analysis of new presentation forms of knowledge based on graphs. Different graph types for visualization are presented. Peculiar realization properties are described. There are presented good and bad experience of graph use in different domens.
158 Alexey Andriyanov COMPARATIVE EFFICIENCY ANALYSIS OF NONLINEAR DYNAMICS CONTROL FOR CONVERTERS WITH UNIPOLAR REVERSIBLE MODULATION BASED ON TARGET-ORIENTED CONTROL The study of nonlinear dynamics of converters with two types of sinusoidal unipolar reversible modulation with control system based on target-oriented control. Efficiency of nonlinear dynamics control for switching converters with one-side and two-side sinusoidal unipolar reversible modulation has been estimated on basis of evaluation of the area of the desired dynamic mode domain in the space of two system parameters.
159 Sergey Sheptunov,
Shamil Akhmedov
Mechatronic systems in cardiology The use of robot surgery and other ascendant devices in cardiology
160 Sergey Sheptunov,
Andrey Averchenkov
ANALYSIS AUTOMATION OF THE SOFTWARE USER INTERFACES Organizations optimized budgets to attract visitors and there is a need to hold existing customers. The clients have a chance to interact with the ergonomic interfaces to effectively solve their problem.
161 Sergey Sheptunov,
Il'ya Kabak,
Jury Solomentsev,
Natalia Sukhanova
The Architecture of Onboard Intellectual Control System for Autonomous Researching Devices The goal of science is the new knowledge mining and data processing. There are some fields of activity in which there is impossible for man to be presented. The autonomous researching devices are needed for knowledge acquisition in these fields of activity.
162 Galina Rudakova,
Kasyanova Elena
Center of MASS MEDIA as basis for interaction of the school public In article new approach to creation of structure of the Center of MASS MEDIA in educational institution is considered. The step-by-step organization of new media division of school is offered. The interacting information flows and a role of concerned parties are analyzed. The expected positive effects from implementation of the center of mass media are provided.
163 Vladimir Kim The model of informatization of the russian society and its influence on education The article deals with the construction of regression models describing the processes of informatization of society in Russia. For creation of mathematical models data of Russian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey Higher School of Economics have been used. The constructed models carry both linear, and nonlinear character. Growth rates of use of the Internet for work and for training linearly grow with a speed of 2,5% annuallyю
164 Anatoly Shatrov,
Sergey Rychkov
THE SOFTWARE- HARDWARE COMPLEX FOR MONITORING OF BIOLOGICAL SEWAGE TREATMENT AND IDENTIFICATION OF A MATHEMATICAL MODEL OF THE PROCESS The urgency of present problem is caused by necessity of operative control of biological sewage treatment processes. This process is being checked by chemical analysis practically by hand. By the way duration of checking procedure is commensurable with the time the sewage water is passing through an aeration tank. Thus any operative control of sewage treatment is practically impossible. In the present work one proposes to use for operative control the software-hardware complex AQUATEST-AT4M.
165 Vera Drozdova,
Ruslan Akhpashev,
Gregory Patrushev
Analysis of Probability-Time Characteristics of the LTE Dynamic MAC-Protocol In this paper, the probability-time characteristics of LTE MAC-protocol are presented. The method of load intensity balance is used to find the characteristics of packet delay in dependence of load intensity for different values of propagation delay, data frame format and multiple access algorithm. This method can be used for LTE medium access control protocol characteristics estimation and for different vendors' performance comparison.
166 Ivan Tarkhanov Access control model for collaborative environments in ECM This research is dedicated to the examination of collaboration problems in industrial enterprise content management systems. Popular systems are analyzed and classified by the storage methods for object versions and special issues of access control. It was found out that systems do not allow to simultaneously grant permissions to certain version and to provide flexible centralized access control. Then the model which solves this problem and which is implemented in Evfrat system is described.
167 Artyom Gusarenko,
Velery Mironov,
Nafisa Yusupova
JSON Documents Processing Using Situation-Oriented Databases Situation-oriented databases (SODB) provide processing of documents from heterogeneous data sources under the control of a hierarchical situational model. This article discusses the problem of processing SODB documents in JSON format, along with XML. Two implementation approaches are discussed: (1) on the fly JSON to XML document conversion and using DOM for processing XML, and (2) loading the JSON document into an associative/indexed array followed by applying the template engine.
168 Igor Shevchenko,
Nikita Cedric
Collecting metadata on the North Pacific marine ecosystems To promote marine ''small science'' data sharing, the PICES TCODE implemented and maintains a geospatial portal that based on the Geonetwork open source software. The accumulated experience shows that this tool is not as widely engaged by the target audience as was initially expected. This is mostly due to its poor usability. To make interactions more acceptable to end-users, system should provide some additional features. In the paper, we will discuss a few ways to arrange this task.
169 Svetlana Kolesnikova Control the output of a multidimensional nonlinear object into a given set of states The problem of generalizing the method of analytical design of aggregated regulators to the case of control of a nonlinear object having an incomplete description is considered. A new algorithm for the process of constructing a control system for the object on the basis of the method of nonlinear adaptation to varieties, taking into account the state of the object, is proposed. The theoretical justification of the stability and robustness properties of the proposed control algorithm is given.
170 Anatoliy Shlikht,
Natalia Kramorenko
Computer integrated monitoring of the environment and human health Describe the architecture and technology of creation of computer integrated systems for monitoring the state of the environment and human health. Monitoring the safety and quality of human life analyses in space and time by many factors: water, air, soil, food, physical factors, also in parallel, comprehensive studies on infectious morbidity of the population. The system includes a research version of the subsystem analysis and interpretation of data to the model: genotype–environment–phenotype.
171 Izmail Kantarzhi,
Mark Zheleznyak
Numerical Modeling of Nonlinear Hydrodynamics of the Coastal Areas by the Chain of the Proprietary and Open Source Models The nearshore hydrodynamic fields are produced by the nonlinear interactions of the shoaling waves of different time scales. To simulate the wind wave, nearshore currents, wave transformation in interaction with coastal and port structure, sediment transport the chains of the models should be used. The objective of this presentation is to provide an overview of the results of the application for the assessment of the wave impacts on new port construction designed at the various sea coasts.
172 Anton Polosin,
Yury Chursin
Creating mesh-topology of elements of wireless network, based on ZigBee standard in condition of slow signal propagation ZigBee is an open standart of wireless network. It's usefull for goals of control and information collection. Mesh-topology based networks allow user to create self-organised and self-restored systems. Major topic of this article is behavior of ZigBee like network in condition of slow signal propogation between devices
173 Sergej Klevtsov Influence of the Characteristics of Time Series on Short-Term Forecasting Error Parameter Changes in Real Time Changes in parameters under the influence of external factors can lead to a dangerous situation. Therefore, the parameters are monitored in real time. The work uses a time series to predict the change in the parameter. Investigations of the influence of the characteristics of the series on the error in the prediction of the parameter were carried out. The values of the characteristics at which the error is small are determined. The values of the forecast lag are determined.
174 Elena Levkova,
Sergey Savin
IT in system analysis of narcology situation on Priamurye Are spent social-psychological, medico-genetic, narcologo-epidemiological, ethnocultural, criminological and researches of features of distribution of chemical dependences in territory of Amur region of Khabarovsk territory. Results of researches will allow to improve structure of the psychological and narcological help to the region population, development of effectual measures of social protection, preventive maintenance and a mental health care of the population of Amur region.
175 Yuri Platonov,
Elena Artamonova
Creation of information portraits using the Polar system Authors focus on the problem of the fast search and editing the data stored in systems operating with the data containing a great number of records. The methods suggested in the report have large opportunities of practical applications. In particular, research was devoted to the use of ORM technology for not relational databases. The original scheme of the data placing in the Polar system for ORM solution considerably increases the overall performance of the generalized ORM Polar system.
176 Georgy Dorrer,
Yarovoy Sergey
USING AGENT-BASED MODELIING FOR SIMULATION WILDFIRE SITUATIONS An agent-based method of wildfire situation modeling suggested. Agent-based approach allows to describe the interaction of a large number of actors in the process of fire propagation and firefightingю The contour of fire edge is approximate with a set of A-agents, each of them modeled an elementary burning fuel range. Agents of other type – B-agents describe the process of fire extinguishing. On the basis of this model worked out the software system.
177 Anton Popov evaluation the effectiveness when developing information security system against unauthorized access in automated information systems Computational experiments evaluating the effectiveness of information security systems
178 Юрий Моргачев,
Alexander Cherevko
Оценка возможности применения антенных решеток для осуществления связи «точка-точка» в ТГц диапазоне Оценка возможности применения антенной решетки ТГц диапазона для увеличения чувствительности коммуникационных систем. Представлено моделирование АР ТГц диапазона и сравнение характеристик АР с одиночными используемыми антеннами.
179 Anna Doronicheva,
Sergei Savin
WEB-technology for segmentation and analysis tasks of medical images To be filled