No Author(s) Report Title
1 Alexey Shumsky,
Hao Chen,
ShunYao Yang,
Xing Wang
An Three-phase Grid-connected Photovoltaic Power Generation System
2 Aigerim Yerimbetova,
Feodor Murzin,
Saule Sagnayeva,
Jamalbek Tussupov
Creation of tools and algorithms for assessing the relevance of documents
3 Nikolay A. Mazov,
Vadim N. Gureyev
Modern challenges in bibliographic metadata identification
4 Sergey Zakharov,
Aleksandr Taganov,
Sergey Gusev,
Aleksandr Kolesenkov
The analysis and monitoring of ecological risks on the basis of fuzzy petri nets
5 Sergey Melman,
Valery Bobkov,
Alexey Kudryashov,
Vladimir May
Navigation of the autonomous robot and 3D reconstruction of the objects on the stereo video stream
6 Kirill Kuptsov,
Sergey Eremeev
Spatial objects classification algorithm on the basis of topological features of a form
7 Pavel Tutubalin,
Vladimir Mokshin
8 Juliano Prettz,
João Paulo Lustosa da Costa,
Mateus Zanatta,
João Alvim etc.
Efficient and low cost MIMO communication architecture for smartbands applied to postoperative patient care
9 Michael Zernov,
Vladimir Mladov
Associative methods of fuzzy operations implementation
11 Stanislav Belyakov,
Paul Menyailov
Intelligent component for building GIS solutions in logistics projects
12 Sergey Kratov On the approaches to the creation of a scientific organization website
13 Nikolay Egoshin,
Anton Konev,
Aleksandr Shelupanov
Functional scheme of the process of access control
14 Natalia Filatova,
Konstantin Sidorov,
Pavel Shemaev,
Igor Rebrun
Emotion and cognitive activity monitoring system
15 Sergey Iskhakov,
Alexander Shelupanov,
Artur Mitsel
Internet of things: security of embedded devices
16 Valerija Sidorova Unsupervised Classification of the Date Land Cover
17 Alexander Murygin,
Vadim Tynchenko,
Valeriy Laptenok,
Olesya Emilova etc.
Development of an Automated Information System for Controlling the Induction Soldering of Aluminum Alloys Waveguide Paths
18 Evgeny Wasserman,
Nikolay Кartashev,
Sergey Roudnitsky,
Oleg Zhvalevsky
Complex measurement systems in medicine: from synchronized monotask measuring instruments to cyber-physical systems
19 Vadim Tynchenko,
Valeriya Tynchenko,
Vladimir Bukhtoyarov,
Evgeniy Agafonov
Decision Support System for Designing an Effective Configuration of a Computing Network for Distributed Complex Problem Solving
20 Roman Kuznetsov,
Valeri Chipulis,
Eugene Voloshin
The Achievements of Information Technology in the Russian Far East Heat Power Industry
21 Valery (V.N) Ovcharuk Hardware-software complex of multichannel acoustic-emission system for monitoring and diagnostics of materials
22 Sergey Sergeevich Shalobanov,
Sergey Victorovich Shalobanov
The Search Defects Algorithm In Continuous Dynamical Systems By Vectors Of Topological Relations
23 Irina Vershinina,
Evgeniy Sysoletin,
Konstantin Aksyonov,
Olga Aksyonova
Automatic detail assembly for robotic systems without computer-aided manufacturing stage
24 Aleksander Proskuryakov,
Yuryi Kropotov
Research and forecasting of changes in the parameters of time series and continuous functions in information systems
25 Yuriy Kropotov,
Aleksander Kolpakov
On the transmission of asynchronous data streams over packet-switched networks with random multiple access
26 Roman Morozov,
Zhuchkov Dmitry
Heterogeneous information systems interaction
27 Aleksey Filippov,
Nadezhda Yarushkina,
Vadim Moshkin,
Liliya Filippova
Application of fuzzy knowledge base in the construction of expert systems
28 Elena Gal'perova,
Vasiliy Gal'perov
Modeling of the behavior of the active consumer based on the agent approach
29 Stanislav Belyakov,
Andrey Glushkov,
Marina Belyakova
Intellectual Cartographic Visualization Procedure For GIS
30 Denis Migov Parallel calculation of diameter constrained network reliability
31 Olga Moldovanova,
Mikhail Kurnosov,
Alexey Mel'nikov
Energy Efficiency and Performance Of Auto-Vectorized Loops on Intel Xeon processors
32 Rodion Vogorovskiy,
Ludmila Nozhenkova,
Olga Isaeva
Method of the command and software management simulation for automation of the spacecraft onboard equipment testing
33 Alexander Kretinin,
Dmitrij Shmatov
Neural network simulation of multidisciplinary processes in thermoelectric devices
34 Alexander Kretinin,
Yurij Bulygin,
Semen Podval'nyi
Neural network modeling of LRE combustion chambers both thermal and hydrodynamics processes
35 Alexey Paznikov Optimization of Remote Core Locking Synchronization in Multithreaded Programs for Multicore Computer Systems
36 Gouzel Shakhmametova,
Nafisa Yusupova
Statistical and intellectual methods of processing of medical data
37 Aleksandr Eremenko,
Marina Aleksanina,
Pavel Babyak
Computation of movement velocities on satellite imagery with parallel processing
38 Yuliya Bidulya An approach to the development of software for effective search of scientific articles
39 Dmitry Luchaninov,
Ruslan Bazhenov,
Natalia Bazhenova,
Natalia Bogachenko
The pedagogical interaction implementation within the university informational-educational environment for student's information competence development.
40 Sergey Krasnopeyev,
Evgeniy Shul’kin,
Sergey Pashinskiy,
Philip Kol'tsov
The System of Spatial Interpretation of Hydrological Information for Automated Information System of Hydrological Monitoring and Data Management of “PRIMHYDROMET”
41 Semyon Balagan,
Evgeniy Chusovitin,
Dmitry Goroshko,
Olga Goroshko
Universal Algorithm for Scanning Probe Microscopy Images Grain Analysis of Objects on the Surface
42 Grunberg Kirill,
Plekhova Natalia,
Dolzhikov Sergey
Medical instrument-computer system for calculating the fatal outcome of cardiovascular diseases
43 Nikolai Stepanov,
Karina Shakhgeldyan,
Boris Geltser
The Use of Big Data for Extraction and Processing of Statistical Data of the Private Healthcare Sector
44 Andrey Panychev,
Anatoly Samoylenko,
Sergey Panychev
Technologies of aggregation for integral criteria of evaluating the efficiency of on-board computer systems
45 Dmitry Mamontov,
Oleg Sychev
Automatic error detection and hint generation in the teaching of formal languages syntax using CorrectWriting question type for Moodle LMS
46 Igor Yakimov,
Mikhail Trusfus,
Alexander Kirpichnikov,
Vladimir Mokshin
AnyLogic, ExtendSim and Simulink overview
47 Larisa Ginis,
Larisa Gordienko,
Sergey Levoniuk
Aircraft & space interfaces testing with National Instruments equipment
48 Victor Krasheninnikov,
Olga Malenova,
Anna Yashina
The detection of ischemia markers in image of human biological fluid facies
49 Sergey Tarkhov,
Shamil Minasov,
Natalia Minasova,
Lyaylya Tarkhova
Storage and processing technologies of cognitive content for e-learning systems
50 Marina Nikitina,
Yuri Ivashkin
Modeling of the human digestive system in the diet structural optimization
51 Alexander Pokhilko The Design Process Ontology Representation Based on Semantic Features Generalization
52 Viktoriya Dudko,
Valentina Chernyavskaya
Instruments of corpus linguistics in the terminological exercise intentional learning
53 Olga Zhigalova,
Tatiana Kopus
Reimagine Teacher Training for Performing in Information-Oriented Society (FabLab)
54 Tamara Chistyakova,
Roman Makaruk,
Ilya Sadykov,
Christian Kohlert
Methods and technologies for protecting pharmaceutical products in polymer packaging from counterfeiting
55 Oleg S. Amosov,
Svetlana G. Baena
56 Victor Krasheninnikov,
Yulia Kuvayskova,
Vladimir Klyachkin
Updating the prediction models of technical objects
57 Dmitry Kononov,
Sergey Isaev
Improving Web Applications Security using Path-based Role Access Control Model
58 Georgi Martinov,
Sergej Grigoriev
An approach to Creation of Terminal Clients in CNC System
59 Natalya Kisel,
Vitaly Cheremisov,
Dmitry Kisel
A Computational Model of Microwave Imaging
60 Natalya Kisel,
Dmitry Derachits,
Vitaly Cheremisov
Automated System Simulation and Functional Control Characteristics Microwave Module Based on Modern CAD Microwave
61 Ivan Artamonov CPN-based verifying transactions atomicity in microservices environment.
62 Dmitry Nazarov,
Oleg Abramov
A Software System for Acceptability Region Construction and Analysis
63 Hmelnov Alexey,
Bychkov Igor,
Fereferov Evgeniy,
Rugnikov Gennadiy etc.
Methods for automation of development of information systems using specifications of database applications
64 Galina Rybina,
Yuri Blokhin,
Sergey Parondzhanov
AT-TECHNOLOGY workbench for knowledge-based systems development: new aspects of intelligent technology
65 Dmitry Antipin,
Vladimir Kobishchanov,
Sergey Shorokhov
The Development of Software for Forecasting Injuries Caused to Passengers of Vehicles in Emergency Situations
66 Natalia Plekhova,
Vera Nevzorova,
Valentin Shumatov,
Larisa Rodionova etc.
Scale of binary variables for predicting cardiovascular risk
67 Karina Shakhgeldyan,
Boris Geltser,
Marina Ermolitskaya,
Dmitriy Gmar
Using Machine Learning to Assess Efficiency of TB Service
68 Kseniya Dyuldina,
Sergey Snopko,
Dmitriy Gmar,
Karina Shakhgeldyan
Indoor navigation service based on Wi-Fi positioning
69 Konstantin Budnikov,
Alexander Kurochkin,
Anatoly Lubkov,
Alexander Yakovlev
70 Alla Klevtsova,
Sergej Klevtsov
Using a Qualitative Assessment to Determine the Extent of the System Functionality
71 Alexey Markov,
Alexander Barabanov,
Valentine Tsirlov
Information Security Controls Against Cross-Site Request Forgery Attacks on Software Applications of the Automated Systems
72 Liliya Martinova,
Georgi Martinov
Automation of Machine-building Production in the Framework of Industry 4.0 Concept
73 Ivan Chokha Hardware-software complex for evaluating the roughness of the quenching wheel
74 Ilya Hodashinsky,
Maxim Mech
Constructing a Fuzzy Network Intrusion Classifier Based on Differential Evolution and Harmonic search
75 Valeria Gribova,
Alexander Kleschev,
Philip Moskalenko,
Vadim Timchenko etc.
Technology for the development of intelligent service shells based on extended generative graph grammars
76 Leonid Fedorischev,
Valeria Gribova
Visualization of scientific information based on ontologies in a graph form
77 Sergey Sheptunov,
V.A. Glazunov,
K.A. Shalyukhin ,
A.K. Aleshin etc.
78 Vladimir Kim The model of informatization of the russian society and its influence on education
79 Ivan Tarkhanov Access control model for collaborative environments in ECM
80 Anton Polosin,
Yury Chursin
Creating mesh-topology of elements of wireless network, based on ZigBee standard in condition of slow signal propagation
81 Yuri Platonov,
Elena Artamonova
Creation of information portraits using the Polar system
82 Georgy Dorrer,
Yarovoy Sergey
83 Ivan Shpyakin,
Aleksandr Malyshenko
Modeling of a Solar Arrays Deployment Process at Ground Tests of Mechanical Devices on Active Gravity Compensation Systems
84 Anna Doronicheva,
Sergei Savin
WEB-technology for segmentation and analysis tasks of medical images
85 Alexey Petrovsky Multi-Method Technology for Group Multi-Attribute Choice
86 Hisashi Suzuki,
Jing Zhi Lim,
Shuichi Utsugi
Experimental Development of a Multi-view Stereo Endoscope System