Cloud computing

No Author(s) Report Title
1 Olga Klimenko,
Matthias Dehmer,
Andrey Dobrynin,
Yuri Shokin etc.
Analysis of Webspaces of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft
2 Denis Parfenov,
Irina Bolodurina
The development and study of the methods and algorythms for the classification of data flows of cloud applications in the network of the virtual data center
3 Namaz Mirzaev,
Ergash Saliev
Recognition algorithms based on radial functions
4 Andrew Ponomarev,
Alexander Smirnov,
Nikolay Shilov
Ontology-driven human-computer cloud for decision support
5 Andrey Velichko,
Valeriya Gribova,
Leonid Fedorishchev
Simulation software for multicommodity flows model of interregional trade
6 Valeria Gribova,
Alexander Kleschev,
Philip Moskalenko,
Vadim Timchenko etc.
The IACPaaS cloud platform: features and perspectives
7 Igor Bychkov,
Gennady Rugnikov,
Roman Fedorov,
Alexander Shumilov
Supporting interdisciplinary research with services and cloud infrastructure